Thursday, 31 May 2012

kehidupan d 'U'

kalau ditanya rmaja skrg psl khidupan d Universiti msti sme org ckp rmy kwn..rmy gals..bleh pky lawa2,smart2..yup mmg best time klu xde klas..haha..k0rg msti tau cmne..nk kluar duit umah bosan gle..nk men game,mmbe dk wt 2 lah bg aku hdup kt u mmg xbest..bebas mmg nk watpe?bg aku i prefer my kampung(home)..where the frens r aren't hipokrit wit u,frens that will hear ur mumble,frens who accept your advise n so on here totally sucks to have frens that ikot telunjuk gals n a roomate that was like a robot or budak genius y d wat msti according to his fun at all..when we were argueing about some facts he always want to win eventhough the google seach engin was on my sense of toleration n no social life..sometimes feel pity to him but everytime advised him to change a little bit he jus wat dunno.XPELAH NK WAT CMNE ANAK BONGSU..hUhu..papepom it was great 2 know Him bcos there was so many facts that i know through his mouth..well Allah tests us in differents ways but later He will give our balasan equal to our effort wit bersabar dgn ujian tersebut...amin.

Unhappy feeling..

gotye-Somebody that I used to know

This song was my faourite since last few month but today it happens to me...arghhh!!Sedih+sakit aty+serabut kpala+n so on..i wish to keep lock in my loker and cry right now(tapi ape plak roomate aku pk nnti) sb bnda neh terjadi lah munculnye idea nk ber-Blogging neh..haha..act. theres a lot in my mind right now but I don't know how to express it into words..maybe some other time..enjoys the song:)


Im new here n definitely dunno wut to do with this blog...hope some1 will help me in this 'thing'....