Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hidup Berkereta~

Assalamualaikum sayang-sayang sekalian~ haha. Long time no see yaa? Kind of busy with doing nothing,no internet and no time to write anything. I think I'll get the voice-speller soon enough. An automatic machine that writes throughout your verbal. Cool huh? Well dunia sudah maju~ 

Alright enough for the intro,first of all I'm still a STUDENT at one of the UniKLs in Malaysia taking a Diploma (yeah! So lame~ I know -_-) with a kind of very antique car. It was born on 1989 which is older than me about 3years. The name given is Toyota Corolla SE 1.3(later being upgraded to 1.5 on 2005). Actually I was the 3rd owner of it. It?ermm..let's name it, DR(registration capital). 

My relationship with DR started about last 2 year on 2011,where I'm at 19y.o which is at the early stages of maturity. Erm,in simpler word is 'peringkat memberontak'. Having a roommate that's own his very own car makes this un-mature 19y.o of me,fucking wanted one also!

''Argh! He has it why can't I have it too!''-me said to me mum. 

Yeah!sound like a jerk.sorry mum T.T and after some negotiations between mum-cousins-me-cousins-uncles-mum-me+cousins-mum-uncles,mum told me that yeah,you can have one!but with T&C applies and yup!me keep all the terms and conditions strictly. (Me knows,all of you are also the same right? :*) After all,promise are made to kept! Whiles rules are to be broken! Haha! *JK~

After the greenlight's given,all I think was am I having a new car or a second-hand car? This is the most tough question I have throughout my life so far. 

Okay,let's start with a new car. The price will be at least 30K-50K. So after calculations maded which included my parent's salary+negotiation+years to pay+blaablaa+economy+blaabla,I don't think it was the best for me and my family. Well as the web address's stated above,saya hanya anak petani. It won't be a problem for the riches like the one reading this,and the one behind you and the one beside you(if you at a Cyber Cafe laa. Haha!)

Okay,here things that must be reconsider : (for the 25y.o and below only)

1.Is the price affordable?

2.Years to finish your loan payment. 10?15?20?25?

3.Is it worth it?

4.Is it your needs or need?

5.Is it long-lasted?

6.Is it suitable?

7.And last but not least,will you DRIVE THE SAME CAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

There's are so many else that you need to reconsider. As for me,the 7th struck my head first! Okay,let's dive into each others thinking boxes. I'll let you to be the main character of my story. Here's the situation,you are craving for a car(choose your own),e.g- Honda CRZ MT(Manual Transmission). The prize will be as the link here - Honda CR Z .

Of course,you won't be affordable to pay cash,right? So you will need to take a loan from the bank. How much? Of course-lah about the prize of the car,unless you have your early savings~ which is you don't have. :p So :

Car prize : RM 115,357.50

Down payment : RM 5,357.50

So your loan will be : RM 110,000.00

That is the amount you will loan from the bank. Expensive?noo-lah,its just numbers,6digits numbers. Hell no!who cares?I'll be driving a CRZ bitches! Haha! -.-' Okay,back to the bank,you now will be having a discussion with the bank officers about the years of payment.

Now,let's see the payment schedule:

RHB *example only

Okay,done picking?let's say you take the 10years term. RM1,200 for a month? huh?really?what do you work for? Bill Gates private secretary? A normal Malaysian GOV won't stand even 1% chances to afford this. Yaloo,basic salary for Diploma = RM1,500. To live with a RM300 for a month would be a suicide. RM10 daily? you must be kidding... nasi lemak+roti canai+tea tarik = RM4.00 for breakfast,how about lunch?minimum RM5 for a plate. I'm ain't fasting for the 10 years~

Okay,so you'll pick the affordable 25years term for RM683/monthly. 25 years ! ! Paying for the same old car ! ! If you are 20y.o right now+25years you'll be 45y.o right? so on era of 2038 or 45y.o you are still driving and paying the old car that you bought on 2013 !

''Yo!old man,what's that junk can do?Does it float(flying) like others?''
Can you see my point? yup! pointless! tu tak masuk bab KEUNTUNGAN bank dapat daripada pinjaman korang lagi. mana maunyaaa bagi pinjam free-free bro~ this is my opinion ONLY!this T&C does't apply for those who have high salary or at above 30y.o. 
Okay,back to my story~ so I'd choose the second-hand car. Days by days passed by as I was searching for the car. Actually,at that time I was very fond of Proton Wira. As for me,Wira is the most long-lasted car ever! and its very stylo if I'm were to drive it. lol~ I've meets some owners that want to sell theirs but all of them sucks! I remembered one of them doesn't even functioned! Dalam internet bukan mainlah kempennya. Bak kata pepatah,indah khabar dari rupa~

 So then what a fortune!my mum's uncle was very stressed out by a buyer that wants his AE90@DR. About the Uncle,hes definitely won't sell his precious to an outsider especially to a 20s youth which is gonna make the car into something else,drifting car. So after he knew about me of wanting a car he indirectly told his nephew(my mum cousin) to consult with me.

At first I was like....who would ever want that piece of junk? NO! I ain't not drive a junk! To be true,I have never HEARD or SEE an AE90 before~ my mind just crashed to a rusty,unwanted steel as I driven to the name. lol~ but my mum then persuaded me that me should see the car first before jumping on the decision. Well the 19y.o of me are still in the 'NO' mood but praise to God that I'm able to control my feeling and respects my mum so much so I follow the flow~ 

I don't know how would all of you feels but as for me if I ever wanted something else like 'A' and have to choose@see something like a 'B',I definitely can't tolerate with my heart! However,me as a MUSLIM am very glad that I learn the word REDHA! Okay,so I went to the Uncle's house with my cousins. At that time I was very annoys with the cousins,all talks they having are something like 'you gonna love it bro!'. Zzz!Annoying~

Alright,as I saw the car and you know what happens. I'm LOVIN it bro!! Everyone is grabbing my body to story-mory about the car specs. As for my soul,it was FUCKING driving it!! I AGREED,my mum was and my cousins was even sooner. yeah!zzz~they all already knew about that car. It was on the top of their list!

So bought the car we are and the car was registered on my name! Can you believe it?! I'm the rightful owner of it!! That's mean I have a PROPERTY of my own!! kau ade? ok JK~

So this is where my mum's intels showed,she named the car after me so that everything that were happens to the car will be DIRECTLY to my EXPENSE! So? who cares,its my car!and I believe I am the one who should take the RESPONSIBILITIES of it. I'm not boasting okay,I am very disappointed with some human that is still giving back the burdens to their parents. While at the same time they brag like:

"yeah~ its mine! I even don't let my bro touch it"

 A responsible sure is heavy! Some people are able to lift it and some are not. Please! Give it a try first! Take responsible for the things that you could and you would,InsyaAllah they will come handy in other times.

So now I have been driving DR for about 1 wonderful year and 4 amazing months. One thing about second-hand car is you need to be more cautious. Make sure you was with someone knowledgeable about cars if ever want to buy one. Mines is very old so problem sometimes comes like I have to change the parts,service the engine or whatsoever. 

Yup! The expense was really on me. Sometimes I have to work or lower the entertainment's budget to solve the probs. Its not like my parents don't even care but its just me that keep it that way. A spare-part for his model sure is expensive! lol~ but with budget's planner and some effort I managed it all. Alhamdulillah! I am very thankful to my parents for this and with this occasion,I think I have been more mature on making decision,tolerate with my burdens,self-supporting on my problems and I think this is a nice un-set preparation for me to stand on my own feet later. Thanks! Love you all~

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ayuh kelate~

hey ya! this is the lyric for the glorious song of Kelate for those who dont know.  Proud to be a Kelantanese.!

Ayuh Kelate ku....
Hari ini....kita sudah menang....

Ayuh Kelate ku....
Hari ini....kita sudah menang....

Ayuh Kelate ku....
Hari ini....kita sudah menang....

Ayuh Bangkit Kelantan Ku.!!